Avoid a Pinterest Fail – Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

We have all seen the hilarity that is “Pinterest Fails”. The cute character pancakes that look like a toddler made them…the crafts that never turn out like the pictures and take much longer than anticipated, and so on. We have probably all thought a project looked easy. Suddenly, we are knee deep in tulle and hot glue. I sure have been there how about you?

Avoid a Pinterest Fail with your most cherished memory

One area that does require expertise, and should never be DIY, is newborn photography. There are certainly some funny Pinterest fails showcasing these DIY baby photoshoots in comparison to the professionals. But in reality, it could potentially put your newborn at risk.

Professional newborn photographers spend a lot of time achieving their skills. We are trained to get the ideal position, best angle perfect lighting and all that while making sure your newborn baby is safe. We have props, outfits, and accessories galore to choose from and again these are safe for babies. Buckets need to bet weighed down and cushioned, bowls have to be angered to not fall over … Our first priority is making your baby’s safety a top priority. Some of the most popular newborn poses are actually composites of two different images to make sure baby is safe at all times and can not be achieved safely in one shot. My sessions are always baby led, as your baby girl or baby boy’s comfort and safety are always my top priority. Your baby is the star of the photoshoot and calls the shots.

Why Choose a Professional Newborn Photographer?

We spend a lot of time setting up for a session and making sure everything is ready to go and safe. We also spend a lot of time editing photos from the photoshoot after the session to achieve the look you have seen on those Pinterest photos, Instagram feeds, and photography pages that show perfectly posed angelic newborns. I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire a professional for those shots. Not only will the final product turn out much better with a professional photographer, but you will have the peace of mind that your baby’s safety is my number one priority.

If you want to try some crafts, a new crockpot recipe or decide on how to decorate your room, the DIY route is the way to go! But if you are welcoming your new baby girl or baby boy, and want images to capture these precious moments, you should definitely look into hiring a professional. You’ll be so glad you did.

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