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Top Three Gift Ideas for New Dads – Baby Photography in Vancouver

Gifts for new parents are usually baby-focused, but you can make a new parent feel special by giving them a gift that is special for them. For new dads, gifts can be relatively bland and repetitive. 

With the new excitement around mom’s great accomplishment and baby’s new arrival, dads can sometimes get lost in the chaos. A special, unique gift for a new father can also help him feel more involved. 

This article will cover three unique gift ideas for new dads that will make them feel appreciated. 

  1. Something that appeals to his adventurous side

If the new dad in question likes to adventure out into the great outdoors, he might appreciate something new that will encourage him to take some time for himself outside. Dads need self-care after a new arrival just as much as moms do. Some ideas for an outdoorsy gift include a new headlamp for night hikes, a new windbreaker, or even a comfy new pair of warm socks for adventuring. 

  1. A journal to catalog new parenthood

Some of us struggle to live in the moment! Providing a new dad with a lovely journal to document his experience as a new father is a great way to help him store memories from this intensely stressful time. A journal can be an extra nudge to be more sentimental or a valuable space to vent about the reality of parenthood!

  1. Favorite children’s books from his childhood

Dads love reading books to their new additions; if you know them, this makes a great gift to a new father. It is an invitation to spend some one-on-one time with the baby in a way that calls back to his own childhood. If you aren’t sure of his favorite kid’s books, here is another blog with a list of some favorites!

If the new parents haven’t yet gotten newborn pictures taken yet, it’s not too late! I’m a newborn photographer in Vancouver, and I would be happy to schedule a newborn session with your loved ones.

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