Baby Photography Vancouver – Best Time to Do Newborn Family Photos

Congratulations on your new little one! Deciding when to have your new baby’s newborn photos taken with the whole family can be a little tricky and as new parents you have so much more to worry about than newborn photo timing. 

Let’s jump right into it and discuss when the best time to schedule and take newborn family photos is so that you can check this essential photo session off of your to-do list! 

When to Schedule Newborn Family Photos

Scheduling newborn family photos ahead of time is a great way to ensure that you are able to end up on a photographer’s schedule. Parents typically should schedule a newborn family photo session during the second or third trimester of pregnancy to ensure that they are on a newborn photographer’s calendar. 

I operate Thaller Photography located in North Vancouver, BC. If you are located in the Vancouver area, don’t hesitate to reach out about scheduling your newborn family photos.

When to Take Newborn Family Photos

The optimal time to have your newborn family photos taken is before or around the two-week-old mark. After this, babies tend to be fussier and more sensitive and are more difficult to capture those adorable sleeping poses with. This is widely agreed upon to be the ideal window for having newborn photos taken, but there are definitely exceptions to this rule!

Weeks three through five of your newborn’s life can still be great for taking newborn photos, depending on how sensitive your new baby is! For those sweet babies that needed some time in the NICU, weeks three through five can be a wonderful time for taking newborn photos. 

I am a maternity, baby, and newborn photographer and would love to capture your newborn family photos for families that live in Vancouver. Please contact me for more information! 

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