North Vancouver | Maternity Photographer | Maternity & Family Photography Make Up Tips

  • Be Comfortable Don’t try anything new for your upcoming maternity or family photo shoot and just stick with what you feel comfortable with. Being comfortable, confident, and feeling good in your skin shows on in your final images.
  • Lips and Lashes The most impact in your photos will come from wearing lipstick, berry tones usually work best and are the most flattering. Please avoid frosted, shimmery finishes or neon shades. Having your lashes done or adding a few yourself also makes a big impact on your photos. 
  • Blush Stick with a soft pink shade for a natural glow. A bit goes a long way and it is easier to add blush than taking too much off an image in the editing process.
  • Foundation Make sure your foundation is applied evenly and is well blended. If you miss spots, or have streakiness it will stand out. A matte finish is usually best and I would recommend a powder. Again less is more and easier to fix in editing.
  • Make Up Artist If you are like me and usually don’t wear much why don’t you treat yourself and hire a professional make up artist. Why don’t make the day all about you and get hair and make up done before your shoot and finish up your day with a date night or night out with friends.

I hope this is helpful and I  wish you a joyful family or maternity photo session!  If you have any questions please email me.

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