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Vancouver Maternity Photographer | 10 fun facts about newborns

Get to know your new little one! Here are 10 fun facts about newborns:

  1. Babies get their full eyesight around 3 months. Newborns can focus on objects that are close by but are nearsighted. That means they can’t clearly see faraway objects.
  2. Babies can hear starting in the womb. They’ll recognize sounds like their mother’s voice right away. 
  3. Don’t expect a smile right away. Newborns won’t usually smile or coo until around 6 weeks old. 
  4. Newborns are often born with blue or gray eyes, but their eyes may darken. By 1 year, they should have their permanent eye color. 
  5. Newborns may be born bald or with a full head of hair. If your newborn is bald, they’ll get hair eventually. 
  6. Newborns have more bones than adults (around 300 vs. 206 for adults). As they grow, some of the bones fuse together. 
  7. Newborns don’t shed actual tears until around 3 weeks. Before then, they can cry and scream, but their tear ducts only produce enough to lubricate their eyes. 
  8. Babies are born with soft spots on their heads to help them fit through the birthing canal. To prevent flat spots on their head, change the direction you face your baby when you put them down on their back to sleep. For example, turn their head right on even days and left on odd days. 
  9. Place your baby on their tummy to play to help build up their head and stomach strength. At first, they may only want to go on their tummy for a few seconds or minutes at a time. As they develop more strength, they’ll become less resistant to it. 
  10. It’s not possible to give too much comfort or attention to a newborn. They don’t know how to self-soothe yet, so it’s up to you to offer them comfort.


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