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Vancouver Baby Photography | Top 10 Toddler Photography Tips & Tricks

How to capture the perfect photo of your toddler or child

1. Baby Photography Tip – Keep it simple:

Choosing the best place or background is not always easy. To make sure your little one is the star of the show keep the background simple. Some simple ideas are using a white or light coloured wall, a white sheet you can hang off two chairs or a table, your garden fence … Be creative, but make sure your little one is the focus.

2. Baby Photography Tip – Morning Sessions:

Usually toddlers and children are most cooperative in the morning, as they are well rested and well fed. Use this time to help them cooperate with you.

3. Baby Photography Tip – Make them sit:

This is especially important for the little sitters that just learned how to walk. These toddlers will want to practice their new skill as much as possible. It is hard to get sharp images when those babies are on the move. Great choices are a stool, tree stump, bench, chair, foot stool, crate, or a bed. Be as creative as you would like, but please keep safety in mind!

4. Baby Photography Tip – Be ready:

Have your camera ready before trying to position your child. They may only stay positioned for a few moments before going on the move again.

5. Baby Photography Tip – Meet them at their level:

Get down on their eye level to take your pictures. This angle can make for some great shots.

6. Baby Photography Tip – Make them look:

Try and avoid asking them to look into your camera or at you. If you have a DSLR camera, a PEZ dispenser might fit where the external flash goes! Pick their favourite PEZ character and offer them candy if they look at the dispenser. Moving around while shooting will also help keep their focus.

7. Baby Photography Tip – Let them hold on to something:

Keep their favourite toy close and let them play with it for a little bit. Make sure to keep the camera ready for when they look up! You can also try to hand them a flower or anything else they might be interested in.

8. Baby Photography Tip – Show them:

Show them the back of the camera and let them see what you are doing. This will keep them interested and more focused on you. 

9. Baby Photography Tip – Play copycat:

Sit or lie down. Show the child how you would like them to pose and ask them to mimic you. Throw in some funny poses to keep them going. Not only will you get some great shots, you create some fun memories. Keep going for as long as they are interested before moving on to the next trick.

10. Baby Photography Tip – Make them smile:

Getting a toddler or your child to smile on command is hard. Try telling a joke or ask a funny question. If they are still not smiling tell them to scream. It might take a little encouragement, but be prepared as they will usually smile right after! Another one is to ask them to make a silly face, a sad face and then ask them not to smile. They will try hard not to, but they won’t be able to resist.

I hope these tips help you capture the perfect photo of your toddler or child! If you have any other great tips please share them with us.

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