Vancouver Newborn Photographer couch with wall behind it and a piece of paper taped on it

Vancouver Newborn & Maternity Photographer | How to photograph your walls

Wall Art Design

Do you want to see what picture, size and product looks best on your own walls? Let me show you how it will look!

Step 1

Grab your Phone or digital camera

Step 2

Tape a letter sized piece of paper on the wall. I will use this for measurement to make sure the wall art dimensions are exactly how they will look when the product arrives.

Step 3

With your camera or phone in hand, step back just far enough so that you can see a sliver of the ceiling and take the picture straight onto the wall (see example below). That’s very important. The height of the wall is a big factor in design.

Step 4

Email me the picture and we will look at mock ups and find the perfect fit for your home!

North Vancouver Maternity and Newborn Photographer - example of how to photograph your wall for wall art design

If you need any help please contact me and I am happy to walk you through the process.

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