Vancouver Newborn Photography – How to get a baby to sleep for pictures

As a newborn photographer in Vancouver, I spend a lot of time getting your babies to sleep. I have collected a host of tricks that I use, not all tricks work on all babies. Here are a few of my “go to” favourite tricks and tips.

1. Being Calm

If i’m not calm and relaxed your little one won’t be either. If you are frazzled your little one will feed off of that. So calm and relaxed it is!

2. Vibration

Your baby would have been rocked to sleep in your belly during the day and would have been active at night. Rocking, gently wobbling, bouncing up and down and patting on the bum are all good things to do to help you baby relax and sleep. I also have handy vibrating gadgets that help me during the session. My favourite two are the Rockit and the Lulla-Vibe.

3. A Shusher or Soundmachine

This is on for almost an entire newborn session. Alternatively, you can download white noise apps on your phone. It also means while you’re trying to get baby to sleep you can still use your phone. There are so many options and I like the shushing sound the best for little ones. If you use one at home you can have them turn off automatically.

5. Heat

It’s around 26-28 degrees in my Vancouver Newborn Photography studio to make sure your little one is nice and comfortable. Parents make sure you dress in layers for your Newborn session!

6. Art of Wrapping

Your little one hasn’t really understood that they can control their arms and legs yet and startle often, which will wake them up. They feel far more safe and secure wrapped up firmly and are more likely to relax and fall asleep.

8. A full belly

A hungry baby doesn’t sleep. A full belly is essential to getting the baby to sleep.

Do you have any questions about your Vancouver Newborn Photography session? Happy to answer them!

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