Vancouver Newborn Photography – What to bring to the hospital

Hospital Bag – Here are a few tips of what to pack for your hospital stay after delivery.

Nightgowns – Make sure you have something comfortable to sleep in during your hospital stay, loose nightgowns are a good option. Choose a front-opening style if you plan to breastfeed your newborn baby girl or boy.
Pads / adult diapers The hospital will provide some of these, but you may want to pack a few extra. It’s normal to bleed after the birth, and these pads are softer and more absorbent than your usual menstrual pads.
Underwear Pack a few pairs of comfortable underwear. They need to be large enough to wear over heavy-duty maternity pads.
Bras you are probably most comfortable without any, but if you feel more supported bringing a few nursing bras will help.
Toiletries Hairbrush, comb, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, hair clips, and hair ties and anything else you would usually take to go on a weekend trip. Plus, make sure you pack some moisturizer, as your skin may feel drier than usual.
Glasses It may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s these little things that can escape your attention when packing your bag. If you wear contact lenses, pack those and don’t forget your contact lens solution and a lens case.
Phone and charger Don’t forget your phone and charger. I am sure you will get lots of messages and everyone will want a picture, but maybe just use this time and take a little digital detox. Let your partner or family deal with this.
Clothes Aside from your nightgown, you might choose to take some comfortable clothes to wear during your hospital stay. Make sure to pack an extra outfit to wear home. I recommend something loose-fitting.
Robe – A robe is great to have and quick to put on to walk around the hospital. It is also great to cozy up in if you have a cooler room.
Snacks and drinks Consider packing some of your favourite snacks or some comfort food during your hospital stay. We all know that the hospital is not know for its food.

Hi, I am Tanja, a professional Newborn, Baby and Maternity Photographer located in beautiful Vancouver, BC. I hope you found some great tips on what to pack in your hospital bag. If you have any questions, I am always happy to chat!

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