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Three Things to Look for in a Newborn  Photographer – Maternity, Baby, Newborn Photography in Vancouver

Photos are such a valuable part of keeping memories. When it comes to having a baby, picking the right photographer to help you preserve your memories can be a little tricky. My name is Tanja, and I am a newborn, maternity, and baby photographer located in North Vancouver. Let me tell you about my perspective on the top three things to look for in a photographer for newborns!

Number One: Experience

Experience is a lot of what makes a photographer a good photographer, especially when handling babies. This is why newborn and baby photographers are a different category from other types of photographers – you need the experience with babies to make it work! A good newborn photographer should allow you to take a break while your baby’s photos are being taken. Ask your potential Newborn photographer how they got into this genre. Did they take safety courses and workshops? I am continually taking workshops and was lucky enough to even take one with one of the most famous Newborn and Maternity photographers, Ana Brandt. Besides many other workshops and courses I also stay up to date with Newborn safety and CPR courses. Love taking Lindsay’s courses and also recommend them to my parents.

Number Two: Location

The location of your newborn or baby photographer should be convenient for you. You’re not going to want to travel far with a newborn in order to have their newborn photos taken. Choose a photographer that is located near you when you are scheduling these photos to make things easier on yourself and on baby! Luckily my studio is conveniently located just a few minutes off the highway.

Number Three: Style

The third thing that you should consider when looking for a photographer for your newborn photo shoot is style. Your newborn photographer should have examples of their work online or available for you to view. Make sure that what you want for your baby’s photos matches up with examples that they have. If you have concerns about style or ideas, you should reach out to the photographer to clarify that they can take photos like the ones that you are inspired by!

If you are looking to have newborn photos taken and you are located in Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver or West Vancouver, I would love to be considered as your photographer. My name is Tanja and I own T Haller Photography. Please reach out so that we can discuss your session!

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