Vancouver Baby Photographer - cake smash

There are so many opportunities for taking photos of your baby once they are earthside, but you may be unfamiliar with all of the various trends and fads in newborn photography. One of the photo trends that I love the most for babies as a photographer in Vancouver is the cake smash baby photoshoot!

What is a Cake Smash Photoshoot?

Typically reserved for baby’s first birthday, cake smash sessions are centered on a celebration! You may have seen baby photoshoot photos online of babies smashing their birthday cake into a hundred little chunks of cake on their first birthday, but you don’t want to be responsible for taking those photos while you are enjoying the moment with your little one.

At a cake smash photoshoot, we replicate the moment in our studio and capture this exciting milestone moment for your baby. 

How Does A Cake Smash Baby Photoshoot Work?

At T Haller Photography, a cake smash session is part of a larger photography session so that I can offer you some variety in photos. Please keep in mind that I require that you bring your own cake due to allergy concerns!

We start with taking photos of your little one without the involvement of any cake for some beautiful portraits. Then, we’ll include the cake and get plenty of cake smash photos and images of baby eating their cake. You will be surprised but most babies will not be digging into their cake, but there are many proven ways of getting them to interact with the cake. After that, there is the option to end your baby’s photoshoot with tub time with a milk bath or bubbles. 

All in all, a cake smash session is an amazing way to show family and friends that your little one is getting older and celebrate their first birthday with lasting memories. I recommend that you book your appointment for one month before their first birthday, so book now for your baby photography needs!

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