Maternity Photos Vancouver – Why Should You Be in Photos?

Maternity Photos Vancouver – Something that happens all too often in family setups is that mom ends up behind the camera and not in front of it. As a photographer in Vancouver, I see this reality on a daily basis! Your baby is so cute and is the light of your life but there are moments in the journey of motherhood where you should be in front of the camera too!

Let’s go over three reasons why you should also be in photos with your baby. 

Reason Number One: People want to see you too!

It may feel like everyone is all about the baby, but your friends and family want to see you as well. In fact, those lasting memories are even more special when they include you! You are the person behind the magic after all and they loved you first!

Reason Number Two: Kids love seeing pictures of their parents. 

Your baby may not be able to voice this right now, but kids love to see their parents when they were younger. If you don’t feel the need to have photos taken of yourself for your own reasons, you should consider doing it for your children. They will be able to see how loved they are, how your fashion has changed, how your hair has changed, etc. 

Reason Number Three: Family photos should be family photos.

Don’t fall into the trap of only having individual photos in your photo albums. Down the line you will be looking for group shots and you will want ones that are worthy of being printed and shown off. Only appearing in photos on other people’s phones will make it hard to include yourself in memories. 

I am a maternity, baby, and newborn photographer and would love to take your newborn family photos for families that live in Vancouver. Please contact me for more information! 

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