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Newborn Photography Vancouver – Tips for Newborn Photo Shoots with Siblings

Newborn Photography Vancouver – Newborn photo shoots do not need to be stressful, but here at T Haller Photography in Vancouver, I understand that they can be. Even more so, doing newborn photo shoots with siblings can be nerve wracking! I can assure you, however, that with these tips your shoot will be stress free even with multiple little ones!

Tip Number One: Pick an experienced photographer. 

This is really the tip that makes all the difference. A photographer with experience will run your newborn photo shoot much differently than one with less experience. That is not to say that inexperienced photographers are not good, but by booking with a professional newborn photographer you know safety comes first and they know how to engage with the siblings. An experienced photographer will have everything in their photography studio ready to go, so the photo shoot won’t take long and the siblings are free to go back to play. 

Tip Number Two: Pack for two (or more)!

Remember that you will need to do double (or more!) of the packing for multiples and try to make sure that all babies have been fed before their photo shoot. You will want to be prepared with extra food for babies just in case. A favourite toy is also always great to bring along as well to get their attention.

Tip Number Three: Keep an open mind and relax!

You probably have gained this perspective since having multiples, but not everything is going to go the way that was exactly planned! You can hope and wish for calm and sleepy babies throughout the entire shoot, but fussiness happens! Your photographer will be prepared to handle this and should be able to capture beautiful memories of the siblings together.

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