3 Reasons Why Photos Make the Best Gifts – Newborn Photography Vancouver

Many people overlook the power of photography when they are thinking of gifts to give. As new parents or parents of a new little one, gift giving can be difficult during the first year of baby’s life. However, you can easily get gifts together for the holidays with photos for your loved ones! Let’s go over three reasons why photos make the best gifts. 

Reason Number One: Photos Last Forever!

It’s true! My products are printed at a professional photo lab on archival photo paper and they will last 150+ years. Giving photos as a gift will ensure that your friend or family member has a gift that will last them for a long time. 

Reason Number Two: Photos Increase in “Value” Over Time

It is a little funny to think about photos in this way, but it’s especially true in terms of baby photos! The longer it has been since the photo has been taken, the more valuable a photo becomes. The baby in the photo will change and grow and it will be all the more special to look back on that glimpse in time that they received as a gift.  

Reason Number Three: Photography is an Experience

The third reason why photos make the best gifts is that it’s a gift for yourself as well. The experience of creating these wonderful gifts is an amazing part of the gift that you can enjoy. You also get to keep your own copies of photos for yourself as well. Anyone with a child will know that photos and photo shoots are a gift that keeps on giving. 

If you are looking for a newborn or maternity photographer in Vancouver, BC, please feel free to reach out! My name is Tanja, I am located in North Vancouver, and I would love to hear from you!

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