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Newborn Photos Vancouver – Holiday Gift DIY Projects You Can Do

Newborn Photos Vancouver – The holidays are coming right around the corner and regardless of what you celebrate, this is often synonymous with gift giving! With a new baby, budgets can be on the tighter end, so here are three holiday gift DIY projects that you can do that involve baby!

Idea One: Newborn Photo Ornaments or Photo Magnets

Incorporating baby or newborn photos into something that your friends and family members can hang up or display is an easy way to use something valuable (like photos) and turn them into a DIY gift. Use either printed photos from your phone or professional photo shoot photos and cut them out in photo ornaments or photo fridge magnet shapes. You can find these photo holders at dollar stores, craft stores and on Amazon!

Idea Two: Hand or Foot Impressions

These are so cool and so fun to have around. Creating an impression of your baby’s hand or foot is an incredible gift that doubles as a memento of when the baby was little! As the child changes and grows, it becomes a fun conversation piece to compare to how much they have grown in the time that has passed!

Idea Three: Make Baby Make Art!

There are an unlimited number of options in this category. Babies can be artists too! If you want to incorporate photos but want the gift to be a little more personalized, you can purchase some acrylic paint and some cheap wooden picture frames and set baby to work. Alternatively, finger paintings and watercolors can make for great messy play activities while being great gifts. 

If you are located in Vancouver, I am a newborn photographer, maternity photographer, and baby photographer who serves the Vancouver area. Please reach out to me if you are interested in setting up a photo shoot for your gift giving needs!

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