Holiday Baby Photo Shoot Ideas for 2022 – Newborn and Baby Photographer in Vancouver


The holidays are just around the corner which means that precious holiday ideas for baby photo shoots are too! Whatever holiday you celebrate, the start of a new year, and the season of winter are both great opportunities to find adorable holiday season ideas and outfits for your little one. 

You can take some pretty cute pictures of babies around this time of year, so let’s go over some unique ideas that are trending for holiday baby photoshoots.

Idea One: Baby Snowman

This is an incredibly popular idea online right now! Transform baby into a snowman with a little red scarf and some non-toxic paint. All you need is three circles of black paint on the tummy for the coal and a dot of orange on the nose for a carrot. If you would prefer, you can also do the black circles on a white onesie. Add a tiny black tophat to complete the Frosty the Snowman look!

Idea Two: Twinkle Lights

Holiday lights or twinkle lights can be a great baby photoshoot idea and a fun way for baby to play around with something bright that they might not have interacted with before. These baby photo shoots can be a little difficult to pin down at home due to the additional lighting so this one might work best in a studio! Also make sure they are led lights and do not leave them unattended.

Idea Three: Hot Cocoa Milk Bath

This idea is so cute and so unique! While milk baths are a trending baby photo shoot idea you might have seen before, many people will probably be unfamiliar with a hot cocoa milk bath! Color the milk dark brown and add giant marshmallows to transform a regular milk bath photo into a hot cocoa milk bath. 

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