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Baby Photographer Vancouver – 3 Trendy First Birthday Party Themes

Baby Photography Burnaby – Deciding on a first birthday party theme is no easy task. At this age, it is much less intuitive than when your child is older and has a favorite tv show obsession. However, like with all things baby, there are certain trends that you can look to in order to decide on the perfect first birthday party theme for your baby.

Let’s go over three trendy first birthday party themes for your soon-to-be one year old!

All things ONE. 

Including the word “one” in your child’s birthday party theme is a sure way to stay on trend. Think of this as a theme shortcut and consider some puns or clever themes that you can create with the word “one” in the name. For example, you could host a safari themed first birthday party with the theme Wild One or if you’re a family that loves golf, you could do Hole in One! There are so many unique and clever ways to theme your baby’s first birthday party around the interests of your family with this method. 

Consider using FIRST. 

Like the first theme idea on this list. You can also use the word “first” as a way to easily find a theme for your baby’s first birthday party. For example, you could do a cowboy theme titled My First Rodeo, or even a strawberry themed birthday party with the theme Berry First Birthday. These puns are extremely trendy for first birthday party themes. 

Nature themes are in!

All things natural are extremely popular for first birthday party themes at the moment. People are staying away from character themed parties for first birthdays and focusing more on natural elements. Think of fruits, vegetables, animals, and even celestial themes in this category. Consider staying with the trends and picking a nature theme for your baby’s first birthday!

My name is Tanja, and I am a baby photographer in Vancouver, BC. Please reach out if you are looking for cake smash photography for your birthday baby!

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