Baby Photographer Vancouver | Baby’s First Photoshoot – How to Prepare Your Newborn

You just had a baby and want to capture this special moment in your life with a newborn photoshoot. You might be apprehensive and worried that your baby might not sleep through the shoot and you won’t get all those cute images. Don’t worry, a professional Newborn Photographer knows all the tricks and even if your baby does not sleep, he or she will be able to get beautiful images.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your newborn baby for the photoshoot:

Posed Photoshoot

If you’re looking for a posed session instead of lifestyle sessions, the best time to do it is within the first two weeks of birth. Your baby still goes into a very deep sleep and they are much easier to pose. Once baby is a bit older they like to stretch out more and it might be more of a wrapped session depending on your baby boy or baby girl.

Get Baby Tired

For the photoshoot a tired baby is easiest to get into all these cute squishy poses and keeping your baby awake before the session helps. A bath or some naked time are great tips to keep baby entertained before their session. You don’t need to keep them up for hours just 30 min to 45 minutes are enough at that stage.

Loosen Up

Some of the poses require baby to be naked, if this is the look discussed with your photographer. Of course their private parts are tastefully hidden and all you see are their cute little baby rolls. When doing these shots you want to avoid diaper or clothing imprints, so best to loosen any clothing and diaper 30 minutes or so before the shoot, so they won’t leave an imprint.

Be Ready for Feedings

Make sure you are prepared for feedings during the shoot. Not much needed if you nurse, but do bring an extra bottle or two if your newborn baby is formula fed. Newborn photoshoots are longer sessions and baby will most likely become hungry during the session or might just need a top up and some cuddle time with mommy to relax and fall asleep.

Accidents Happen

Your baby is obviously not potty trained and accidents happen. A professional newborn photographer will have experience with that and will be prepared. It is only natural! Don’t be embarrassed as we are used to this and prepared. If you should have a family photoshoot with your newborn session, please do bring a change of clothing just in case any accidents happen on you. Worst case there is always photoshop to take out any unsightly accidents.

Warm Environment

Having a warm environment is important, especially when posing baby nude. A professional photographer will have a warm environment, be prepared and wear layers to take off, and will warm the props and surfaces baby will be placed on. Make sure to check the temperature that the surface is not too hot for the delicate newborn skin.

No Siblings

I know this is an exciting moment for your family to have your newest member introduced, since it is a long photoshoot even the most “well-behaved” kids will get bored and might create a distraction.vIf siblings are part of the family pictures I always suggest to have them there for their part only and then leave the studio to go to a close park or back home with one of their parents. It is just no fun to sit around and having to be quiet, so baby can relax and sleep through the session.

Maternity or Family Photoshoot

Please do not forget to capture the journey and your beautiful pregnancy glow! I know you might not feel gorgeous, but we will create beautiful images you wan tot share with the world and are proud to look back to!

Also don’t forget to add your family to the newborn photo shoot to document the first special moments! Don’t worry that your body is not to where it used to be, you will see you will cherish these images for a lifetime and there are lots of flattering ways to pose you, mom, to make you look stunning and of course dad too …

I promise it will be a relaxing photoshoot and most of my parents catch up on their emails, read a book, watch a movie or even nap while your baby and I make magic happen. We will create a beautiful gallery that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Hi, I am Tanja and am a professional Maternity and Newborn Photographer In North Vancouver, BC. If you think you and your baby are ready for a newborn photoshoot, then please don’t hesitate to reach out and book a session.

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