Vancouver Maternity Photoshoot – Welcome to the studio!

Woohoo! I finished the Maternity photo shoot studio setup as well!

A few handy tips your maternity photo shoot

Maternity photo shoot – Hair & Make Up

As far as hair goes please style it however makes you feel beautiful. If you have long hair big curls are always a great option. Make up is also up to your liking, but it is easier for me to remove blemishes or add rosy cheeks than taking too much make up away. A matted look is preferred as shiny, sparkly make up does not photograph so well. If you would like to read about some tips on make up for your session, please visit my blog post here. If you have any questions or need referrals for a professional Hair and Makeup, I am always happy to help!


Please wear a nude preferable strapless bra with nude underwear as it will be the easiest to match with whatever dress you are choosing. However, if you do not have nude underwear please bring a white and black option that will work as well and we can always hide the straps. 
Nail PolishIf you wear nail polish please have them painted in a complimentary/neutral colour that goes with a wide variety of colours as your nails will be shown off in the pictures.

Maternity Client Closet

I have over 35 dresses and fabrics you are welcome to choose from, so no need to bring your own unless you are going for a specific look.

Please do not worry if you have never had a professional photoshoot and don’t know where to look or where to put your hands. I am here to guide you through the whole session and will make sure to pose you in the most flattering ways to best show off your stunning curves and baby bump!

I specialize in Maternity and Newborn photography and if you have any questions, please get in touch!

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