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As a photographer, I’m of course always a fan of professional photography sessions, but there are so many other opportunities to capture the family magic. So, what are you to do when you need photographs to document memorable occasions in your baby’s or family’s life that might not call for the professional touch? Here are some fun and easy ways!

  1. First and Last Day of School Photos: Have your child hold a sign that says “First and Last Day of School” either in front of their school, their classroom door, your front door, etc. to document how much they’ve grown throughout the year.

Tips: Make or buy a chalkboard sign so you can change out the day and grade. A great idea would be to collect all the pictures and make a scrapbook or have them printed and give them to your child as high school graduation present.

  1. Birthday Age Sign Photos: Have your child hold a sign that says their age each year on their birthday. These are easy ways to commemorate their birthdays and keep them straight, so you don’t find yourself wondering which year was the dog cake birthday?

Tips: Take it in the middle of their party or celebration to capture the excitement and fun of the moment.

  1. Christmas PJ Photo: This one is fun to do for just the kids or the whole family. Stand in front of the tree in your pajamas and take a timed picture of the family. Or better yet, take a picture in your pajamas doing your favorite Christmas Eve or Christmas morning traditions.

Tips: Get new Christmas pajamas each year for the picture to open up on Christmas Eve. This can even add a new tradition for the family.

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