Maternity Photography Vancouver – Pregnancy Photo shoot

Maternity Photography Vancouver – Pregnancy without questions is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life even if you might not feel like it at the time. While you may be lucky enough to enjoy some perks, like glowing skin, beautiful hair, and a cute baby bump, some will also have some not so fun pregnancy side effects – swollen ankles, stretch marks and stripes on your body, dark spots on your face and a rollercoaster of mood swings. Since expectant moms often aren’t looking or feeling their best, they may question whether they should take maternity photos at all.

This is where I, a professional Pregnancy and Maternity Photographer in Vancouver, and tell you YES you should have your Maternity photos taken. I promise you an amazing experience during your session and stunning images to cherish for a lifetime.


I am here to guide you all the way and will be there to guide you how to pose in the most flattering way. Together we will create a stunning gallery!

Maternity Photography Editing

Should there be any little details you are not wishing to see on your final images, I will be there once again and will use Photoshop in the postproduction to touch up your gorgeous images. Some of my clients love a more touched up look while others like the natural look. It is completely your choice and I love to follow your preference.

Your body is working hard and creating a little baby right in this moment, how amazing is that? You will regret not documenting this magical time with maternity photos. I will be happy to help you look and feel gorgeous during your session in my Vancouver studio! Please get in contact for your complimentary consultation. I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s get in touch!

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