Newborn Photos Vancouver – Your Newborn is only tiny for a short time

Why do I love love Newborn photography so much?

Newborn Photos Vancouver – I am able to capture babies and show just how tiny they really were.  As they grow up it is always amazing to look back at photographs when they were smaller and I can imagine a child growing up into an adult and treasuring these images especially once they are preparing and having their own. I’ve been looking back at my girls newborn photos this week, as my oldest one is off to High School in September and you realize how short your treasured time with them really is. Soon she will be off and living her own life. Looking at their newborn photos always makes me smile and think back when they were so little. I get glimpses of memories when they first started walking, the first day at school, the first tooth to fall out, all these amazing firsts. It always amazes me how a photograph can bring back so many emotions. Photography truly does freeze a moment in time and I am so grateful for the photographs I have of my children as they grow up. This is the most amazing job as I am able to freeze these beautiful moments for you and you will love looking back at these images and experience all the emotions you had.

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