Vancouver Newborn Photography | Must-Take Newborn Photos to Capture on Baby’s First Day

The birth of your baby boy or baby girl is a momentous event that will likely pass in a blur of activity. To keep the memories from that day fresh, you should consider taking photos of all your newborn’s firsts. You will want a friend or relative to capture all these precious moments, make a list of which moments you would like them to capture. This will ensure that you are able to recall every precious moment, from the first time you hold them in your arms to their first goofy face.

You only get one chance to take photographs of your baby’s first day, so you’ll need to get it right. Here are some great ideas for your list.

First Time Held by Mom

There is nothing quite as magical as the moment a mom sees her baby for the first time and holds him or her in her arms. They say that skin to skin contact immediately after birth can make the transition from fetal to newborn life easier. Baby’s instinctively know their mother as soon as they are held close. This is a must capture moment that you will cherish for a lifetime!

Newborn Photo With Mom and Dad

The first photo with mom and dad is one that will also be treasured forever. Have a friend or relative make sure to capture one of both of you.

Photo With Dad 

Of course we also need a photo of dad and baby! Newborn photos with the parent separate are a must on the list.

Meeting The Sibling(s)

The moment when an older sibling meets the new baby for the first time is such a precious and much anticipated moment. Sometimes the siblings need a little more time to adjust to the baby, but make sure to capture these moments as they are all firsts and are a moment gone.

Meeting the Grandparents 

The birth of a granddaughter or grandson is a such an amazing experience as their son or daughter just received the biggest gift like they once did. This might bring up a lot of tears of joy when meeting their new precious grandchild.

Close ups of your newborn baby

Try and get some close ups of eye lashes, toes, feet, fingers as all of these details will be changing so much over the first few weeks. You will be cherishing these newborn photos for a lifetime.

Baby’s Weight

Be sure to snap a photo of your baby on the scale, showing your baby’s birth weight. This photo will help you remember all the details. Maybe also try and get a picture of the hospital bracelet with all the important informations on it.

Baby’s first outfit

Capture your little ones specially picked first outfit. We were not prepared of hw tiny our second daughter was and we have the most hilarious pictures of her swimming in her little outfit. We actually had to run out and buy doll clothes as preemie (and she was not a preemie, just little) clothes were very rare.

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