Vancouver Newborn Photography | What Props Do You Want for Your Newborn Pictures?

If you have been to my studio you might have noticed my obsession with props. Lol, don’t tell my husband that there is always more coming and no end in sight.

Bean Bag or Posing Table

Bean bags or posing tables make excellent newborn props because they offer great support for your newborn baby. Your photographer will add lots of blankets for comfort as well as posing pillows to keep baby safe. Don’t ever worry about your baby peeing or pooping as we are all used to it and it is just part of our amazing job. Everything is washable and I am not in the least worried and you should not either.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals will remain a part of your child’s life for years to come. Come on how cute are they holding on to them! Another favourite are also felted hearts.

Newborn Baby boy sleeping on a little pillow holding a bunny

Baskets, Buckets & Beds

A small wicker basket lined with soft material can make a simply adorable baby picture. They look great placed on a little rug or wood backdrop.

Beds are also always a favourite for my parents. I mean, they just look too adorable all cuddled up in a small bed with a cute little pillow, right?!?

Buckets are also a great prop, but please do not attempt putting your newborn in there if you are not trained in safely posing them in buckets. There should always be a weight on the bottom and you have to make sure the baby never actually touches the edge and there are no unsafe parts. Photographers like me also often use a special pillow designed to keep baby supported at all times.

Baby Boy sleeping on his arms posed in a bucket - Best Newborn Photographer Vancouver

Picking a prop for newborn pictures is all about two things: imagination and safety.

For the imagination portion, you must picture your baby in non-standard settings. After all, no baby will spend any time chilling out on a bean bag chair or nestled in a wicker basket at home.

The safety feature is the most important consideration. Don’t ever use any props that have the potential to be unsafe and never leave baby unattended.

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