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I had the pleasure to take the Infant CPR course with The Mama Coach-Lindsay and I can only highly recommend it and any of her courses. She is so lovely and so knowledgeable, as she is also a registered nurse.

Here are a few of the courses she offers:

Prenatal Class

This is not your average prenatal class! This class not only teaches you about labour and birth but also what to expect with your newborn. We will cover:

  • The third trimester
  • Partner roles
  • When to go to the hospital
  • Signs and stages of labour
  • Pain management options
  • Induction
  • Caesarean births
  • Immediate postpartum care for mama and baby
  • How to initiate breastfeeding
  • Bottle feeding and supplementation
  • Newborn care, quirks and sleep

You will leave feeling confident about the birth of your baby and bringing them home. After the class you will not only receive a prenatal ebook, but many resources to help get you ready for your new arrival- including a hospital bag checklist! The class is approximately 4 hours long (classes are either one 4 hour session to two 2 hour sessions). In home options available for private classes.

Newborn Support

0-8 weeks old

Bringing your baby home is one of the biggest transitions you will have as a parent. I want to help make that easier. This package includes an initial 90 minute consultation where we go over feeding, sleep, newborn care and troubleshoot any challenges you are facing. Using science, experience and so much empathy I can help you better understand why your baby is acting like they are and how to align timing to have sleep come easier. Let’s get your baby waking when they are hungry then fall asleep easier and without the fussing. I will then support you over the next 4 weeks via email and follow up phone calls to ensure all your questions are answered. You will also receive our newborn ebook with over 90 pages of amazing information!

More Than Sleep

Infant and Toddler

Good sleep is beneficial to the whole family. Are you currently struggling with frequent night wakings, short naps or early mornings? Perhaps you are just interested in laying a healthy sleep pattern for your baby. I can help get things on track and empower you with the education around sleep to navigate any future challenges. There isn’t one “method” because every baby, parent and situation is unique!

Older kiddo? Maybe things changed when you moved to a toddler bed or perhaps you have always struggled with sleep and you are looking for a fresh start. Lets find the solution together with a plan that feels comfortable for you.

This support package includes:

  • 90 minute virtual consultation
  • Feeding assessment (breast, bottle or solids)
  • Customized and comprehensive sleep plan
  • Two weeks of follow up support
  • Online sleep log support
  • E-Books to ensure you have tools to navigate sleep in the future

Potty Training (AKA Toilet Learning)

Teaching your child to use the toilet is a big deal! Chances are, you are excited, and maybe a little overwhelmed. As a Registered Nurse I am going look at the entire picture assessing cognitive development as well as physical readiness. This assessment will help us determine and choose one of our research based methods to help your child learn to use the toilet.

Have you started potty training with your little and things are just not going as you thought? Are you seeing more accidents, crying or straight up potty refusal? Hitting speed bumps in the learning process is hard. I can help you navigate your challenges so you will finish feeling hopeful and ready to overcome them.

This package includes a 2 hour virtual consultation, detailed plan and one follow up email to ensure you have success.

I am a profession Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photographer in North Vancouver and would love to hear any feedback you have!

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