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Vancouver Newborn Photography – You might notice that your baby hiccups a lot, maybe you already noticed it while pregnant. This is entirely normal and not to worry at all. When I was pregnant with my first baby, we got to see her hiccup on one of our ultrasound appointments. So cute!

What Causes Baby Hiccups

Hiccuping is one of the first habits your child will develop. Hiccups are essential to your child’s brain and breathing development. 

Babies have no control over their hiccuping. Hiccups are a reflex that happens when the diaphragm causes a prompt opening and closing of the vocal cords. They usually happen when eating, drinking too fast or finding yourself in a stressful situation. 

What to Do When Your Baby Has Hiccups

Babies are not usually bothered by their hiccups and can even eat and sleep when they have them. Usually, a bout of hiccups will go away on its own within 5–10 minutes, so no need to do much. 

If you’re concerned about your baby’s hiccups, there are some strategies that might help them stop sooner or prevent them altogether:  

Burp your baby during feeding. Babies may start hiccuping during feeding because they have excess gas that’s irritating their stomach. Propping them upright and gently tapping their backs can help.

Slow down feeding. If you notice that your baby always hiccups during feeding, it might be because they are eating too quickly.

Make sure your baby does not drink too much air. Check if you have an appropriate nipple size and that it is full with milk and no air spaces.

Get a good latch. If you’re breastfeeding, make sure your baby gets a proper latch to reduce any unnecessary air intake. 

You may need to see a doctor if your baby hasn’t stopped hiccuping for an extremely long period of time or if your baby girl or boy looks uncomfortable. 

I am Tanja, a professional Maternity, Newborn and Baby Photographer and love any input you have!

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