Newborn Photography Vancouver – How to DIY Newborn photos

Newborn Photography Vancouver – DIY Newborn Photos – Sometimes it is out of the budget to hire a professional Newborn photographer or you just prefer to capture your beautiful newborn yourself in the comfort of your home. Here are some tips for a successful photo session.

Capture your Newborn within the first two weeks

If you love the sleepy newborn photos timing is everything. Plan to capture your baby within the first two weeks as they go into a deeper sleep and you get to capture the Newborn state as they change so quickly. If you love more eye contact and capture more of your little ones expressions then you can wait a little longer, but after two weeks babies not only become more alert and but potentially also more fussy.

Time Your DIY Newborn Photo shoot

Any photographer will tell you light can make or break a photo, so consider when and where your home gets the best natural light. I also recommend to schedule your newborn baby photo shoot in the mid-morning. Try and find a window with lots of natural but no direct light and cover it with a sheer curtain on bed sheet to get softer shadows.

Sleepy Baby is the key

For the best photos, you want baby to be calm and there are many tricks to get them nice and sleepy. Sound machines can help lull your little one into a contented state. A happy baby makes your newborn photoshoot go much smoother. Make sure to feed your baby just before the photo shoot. If the baby wakes up during the photo session maybe a quick snack will help your newborn go back to sleep.

Keep it Warm

You’ll want to have a nice and toasty room to keep baby comfortable. A cold baby won’t sleep well through a photoshoot, so I try to keep the room as cozy as I can without overheating the baby.

Safety First

It’s easy to obsess over styling the perfect newborn picture, but safety should always come first. You can never leave baby unattended. Also, if you’re taking a picture from above the baby, make sure to wear the camera strap, just in case the camera slips out of your hands.

Keep it Simple

For DIY newborn photos, it’s best to keep things simple. It takes professional photographers years and hundreds of hours of practicing to fine-tune safe posing and safe prop posing. Stick to simple poses that work with baby’s natural positions on a white or neutral coloured bed sheet. You can take a sleeping baby and gently raise their arms above their head, which is easy and adorable.

Capture Close-Ups

Capturing close ups of baby’s tiny hands, feet, mouth and eyes are musts.

Do Your Photoshoot in Stages

When you hire a professional photographer, the photoshoot will likely last a few hours, but instead of taking your DIY newborn photos all in one go, you can take them over the course of a few days. I recommend setting aside a few minutes each day to take a couple of photos, and then over a few days you’ll have a great variety of shots.

I, Tanja, a professional Vancouver Newborn Photographer, hope this post gave you some great ideas and tips!

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