North Vancouver Newborn Photographer – Baby Care 101


Here are some great tips for keeping your baby clean and comfy from head to toe.


It’s disconcerting to see a newborn with a red, blotchy face, but baby acne is a common and harmless condition. If you have a professional Newborn photoshoot scheduled and your baby has baby acne, don’t worry your photographer will take care of this in the editing process.


Some babies have a yellowish discharge or crusting in the eye or on the lid, which is usually caused by a blocked tear duct. This condition can last several months. Wiping it with a face cloth moistened by warm water will help clean it up.


Many newborns develop a scaly scalp condition called cradle cap. It typically disappears in the first few months. Try and brush out the scales gently daily, but don’t wash your baby’s hair too often.


Babies’ narrow nasal passages tend to fill with mucus. You can gently unclog nostrils with an infant-sized nasal bulb syringe or try the Nosefrida (


A newborn’s nails usually are soft, but they can scratch his sensitive skin. You can use baby nail clippers and clip after his or her bath when nails are soft, or when they are asleep and the fingers are relaxed.


Too much moisture plus sensitive skin can equal diaper rash for many babies. Keep baby’s bottom dry and read my post of how to avoid diaper rash for some great tips.

I hope you found this info on how to care for your newborn interesting and if you are ready to book your Newborn Photography session in my North Vancouver studio, I would love to chat! Just found out you are pregnant? Let’s plan your perfect and custom studio Maternity photo shoot! Can’t wait to meet you!

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