Baby Photographer North Vancouver | Preparing for your Newborn photo shoot

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your newborn baby’s photography shoot

  • Interact with and keep baby awake for about 30 min – 45 min before your session to ensure he/she is nice and sleepy for the session. Not that I mind cuddling with the babies, but I want to ensure you get the most out of your session and a beautiful gallery.*Stimulating baby with a washcloth bath or by doing ‘naked time’ prior to the session are some tricks that usually work well.
  • Please time the feeding so it will be done at the studio or just before if you live close by. That way your little one will have a full belly and hopefully fall asleep for the session.
  • I like to allow plenty of time for feeding and cuddling during your session so plan to be here between 2-4 hours. I have snacks and drinks for you here at the studio, but if you have any dietary restrictions, please bring a snack or let me know beforehand. We will take everything nice and slow and your baby will be the centre of attention.
  • Please wear cool and comfortable clothing in layers as the studio will be nice and warm so your baby feels comfortable and hopefully sleeps through most of our session.
  • During the session, sit back and relax. I won’t need much assistance, so take advantage of this time to rest in my sitting area (I’m sure you need it!). Parents will often watch a movie, answer emails or read in my sitting area while I take care of your new little one. I’ve even have parents take advantage of this time and take a nap!
  • WIFI is available. I usually forget to mention this so will add it here. You will find the password posted in the sitting area.
  • Family Photos  If you haven’t please let me know what colours you will be wearing so I can coordinate his/her wrap. Here is a blog post about what I recommend to wear for your session to get timeless images and here you will find a Pinterest board with colours that go well together.
  • Hair & Make Up As far as hair goes please style it however makes you feel beautiful. If you have long hair big curls are always a great option. Make up is also up to your liking, but it is easier for me to remove blemishes or add rosy cheeks than taking too much make up away. A matted look is preferred as shiny, sparkly make up does not photograph so well. If you would like to read about some tips on make up for your session, please visit my blog post here. If you have any questions or need referrals for a professional Hair and Makeup, I am always happy to help!

If you have any other questions of how to best prep for your upcoming session please contact me and I am happy to help plan your custom Maternity Photography session or Newborn Photography session here in my North Vancouver studio.

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