Vancouver Baby Photography – Best time for baby photo shoot?


Vancouver Baby Photography – Babies and children can be one of the most challenging subjects for a photographer so it’s always good to make plans that will help to create your amazing portraits. Your baby is the star of the session and also in charge. Knowing this, the best time of day for baby photos is when your child is truly at their best. Unfortunately not when it is most convenient for the parents. The best time of time for baby photos varies with the age of your child.

Newborn Photography

Throughout the years of photographing Newborns, I found that the best session time is 10.30 am. I prefer when parents feed their newborn on arrival at the studio to make sure we get a sleepy, full and happy baby.

3 months to 1 YEAR

As a general rule, the best time for this age group is right after their first nap. Having a snack or lunch before or at the studio also helps to keep your little one happy.

Don’t forget to RELAX

I know you want the most amazing family portraits with your baby, which might make you anxious the day of your session. Relax because you being anxious might make your little one on edge. Just try to stay calm and enjoy the experience! This will help us get the best possible images!

I, Tanja, a professional Vancouver based Baby and Newborn photographer, can’t wait to capture your family! Please get in touch to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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