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Family photos are a yearly tradition for many families. Every year moms across the country book a family session to capture their family as they are at that moment. All moms want these pictures! We all want to freeze time and make a record of our babies at the stage they are at right now. We want to cherish these moments.


I am a newborn photographer and I see moms just days after they have a baby. So many of my moms tell me that they are uncomfortable in front of the camera. Especially new moms or moms-to-be don’t feel comfortable with their changing body shape. This is where a professional photographer can help. A professional photographer knows how to pose you and find flattering angles with their camera. When was the last time you liked a photograph of yourself? I promise together we will create pictures you will love to share and display!

Truth is, that moment you are waiting for when you love yourself exactly the way you are might never come. Ironically while you’re waiting for this imagined perfect time to be photographed you are missing out on being in your photos now. 

The important thing to know is that family photos are not just for you. They are for your children to have years from now, to remember their childhood and to remember you. All your kids see is a picture of their amazing mom.


I know sometimes it takes a lot of convincing and I, myself am not comfortable in front of the camera. I did start to making sure though that whenever I take a picture of my husband and my girls I would have him take one too or take a selfie with them. It does get easier over time and you will feel more comfortable. A professional Newborn or Maternity Photographer will capture the perfect angles and make sure you look stunning!


When I was a teenager there were about 5 years where I refused to have pictures of me taken. My dad, a photographer himself, tried to sneak some in once in a while, which I now cherish when looking back. I am lucky he did as otherwise there would have not been any memories from this period.

As awkward as you might feel, just do it! Perfect doesn’t exist so take the selfies, hand your phone to a stranger and book those family photos. Get in the photos for your kids and for your future self who will thank you.

If you are ready to get your Maternity photos or Newborn Family photos professionally done, please contact me and we will make you look gorgeous and you will cherish these images for a lifetime!

Book a free, zero pressure call with me so we can figure out if we’re meant to be!

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