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Why pregnancy makes moms-to-be so gorgeous

I know there can be frustrating days where the joy of being pregnant is overwhelmed by your body getting bigger and you can’t wait for the whole thing to be over. It might be hard to feel stunning in your first or early second trimester when you look like you just had a big dinner or look bloated, but once that beautiful belly is rounding show it off! 

Pregnancy’s beauty surprises

  • Long fingernails – Around the fourth month, your nails may start to grow faster than usual. Pregnancy hormones get the credit for this, but also the blame of may becoming softer or more brittle, They will return to normal within a few months after birth.
  • Fabulous hair – During the second trimester, you might notice that your hair looks super healthy and has much more volume. You’re not actually growing more but, thanks to pregnancy hormones, you are loosing less.
  • The pregnancy ‘glow’ – Also during the second trimester, you may notice that your skin looks brighter than usual. An increase in blood volume brings more blood to the skin, giving it a radiant look and of course some of those pregnancy hormones also help.
  • Cleavage – it’s common to go up a cup size or two during your pregnancy! Show off your stunning new curves!

Hi, I am Tanja, a professional Maturity, Newborn and Baby photographer in Vancouver. Ready to get those beautiful pregnancy curves and radiant glow captured? Let me take your stunning Maternity photos and celebrate your gorgeous curves! Let’s chat about your perfect Maternity Photography experience in my North Vancouver studio!

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