Why Do Pregnant People Have Cravings? – Maternity Photos in Vancouver

Maternity Photos Vancouver – Pregnancy cravings are commonly talked about but not understood well. They can often lead to pregnancy jokes made about weird food combinations, but these jokes might have more truth to them than you think.

Hand me a jar of pickles, no, I want greasy fast food fries, no wait, I want Sour Patch Kids with ranch. 

For some, this might be an exaggeration, but for others, pregnancy cravings are no joke. But why do pregnant people have cravings? Let’s discuss it!

Heightened Sense of Smell

Part of the reason why you might be having cravings while you are pregnant, it could be because of your heightened sense of smell while you are pregnant. Your senses are elevated, which means that you are likely noticing smells that you have not yet smelled before! These combinations can be unlocked from this heightened sense which leads to new cravings and combos. 

Heightened Sense of Taste

Did you know that your taste buds also get more sensitive? It’s true! Like the heightened sense of smell leads to additional food wants, your increased sense of taste can lead to cravings in pregnancy as well. The taste of chocolate can feel elevated, meaning that you want more chocolate. Alternatively, really sour tastes are also elevated, like pickles and lemons, which are common pregnancy cravings. 

Need for Additional Nutrients

You’re growing a whole other human inside of you! Being pregnant means that you are working overtime with your nutritional needs. In this way, your body could be telling you that you need additional nutrients that you are not getting in your regular diet. These needs can then lead to your fun and crazy food combinations!

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