4 Baby Registry Items You Might Want to Skip – Newborn Photography in Vancouver

Newborn Photography Vancouver – Creating a baby registry can be stressful. There is so much marketing surrounding baby products that make it seem like your baby will be neglected if you don’t have every single baby item that you could possibly obtain. 

For those with smaller circles, you want to create a baby registry where the things that you absolutely need are going to be purchased. To help those who are looking to weed out unnecessary baby products, here are 4 baby registry items that you can totally skip. 

  1. Cute Outfits in Newborn Size

Unfortunately, the reality is that they won’t wear them. The newborn outfits that your baby will wear should be chosen by you and only for special occasions. Your child will be grown out of this size by the time they are ready for fun and cute outfits!

  1. Cute Tiny Baby Shoes

Similarly, your baby is really unlikely to wear shoes. Socks are definitely a must-have, but for newborns, shoes aren’t especially necessary and often go forgotten or lost. If you really want newborn shoes, you can absolutely add them to your registry if you have planned outfits, but the money is likely better spent elsewhere!

  1. Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are absolutely necessary, don’t get me wrong! But everyone is going to get you blankets without you asking them to. They’re so easy to make, and people love handmade gifts, which means you will have plenty on your hands. 

  1. Too Many Diapers

Diapers are always necessary, but if you are short on storage at your house, storing all of the diapers from your baby shower can lead to so much stress and stuffed closets. When working with smaller living spaces or a lack of storage, consider leaving diapers off the list and outsourcing other baby necessities instead. 

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