Vancouver Baby Photographer – Baby Milestone session

Vancouver Baby Photographer – These Baby Milestone photography sessions are so much fun and best capture once your baby can sit comfortably. Usually these baby photography sessions are best captured around 6-8 months. They are fast paced and so much fun! I love capturing their personalities!

How long does the baby photography session take?

Baby Milestone sessions are short portrait sessions. They usually last between 15 to 45 minutes, as a 6-month old baby has a very short attention span. Your baby is the star of the show and I will make it as long or short as they participate. It usually involves 2-3 setups and a few outfit changes.

What should I bring to my baby milestone photography session?

It helps to have a few items on hand:

  • Milk or snacks – Offering your baby a bottle or breastfeeding your child would comfort and calm him or her should they be stressed in new environments.
  • Favourite toy for your baby
  • Favourite Outfit – I have a lot of accessories and outfits for your baby’s milestone photography session, so you don’t need to bring anything in terms of clothing for this session unless you have a special outfit you would like to be captured. Please keep them neutral and without pattern or prints as we want your baby to stand out.

When should you book your baby’s milestone photoshoot?

Vancouver Baby Photographer – I recommend that you book your baby’s photo session a few weeks in advance to make sure you get the day and the time of your choice. However, if you just realized that your baby is quite ready for a sitter session and you do not want to miss the opportunity to capture his or her cuteness, get in touch and I can check my availability! Please email me to find out availability for your Vancouver Baby photography session.

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