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Newborn Awake Times

When your baby is brand new they will be very sleepy from the birth. In some babies this can wear off in a few days, in some it will take a few weeks. This is also why I schedule my newborn photography sessions within the first 3 weeks, so I have a sleepy baby. Also they are much more squishy and go into posses easier thank older babies.

Your baby may seem to constantly just be feeding and sleeping and some very young babies can really only stay awake for 1 hour at a time before they need to be back asleep.

How long are baby awake times?

By the time your baby reaches 12 weeks their awake times should have gradually stretched to 2 hours between naps. Baby’s sleep is quite delicate and they are very sensitive to the balance between awake times and nap lengths. If these are not changing to suit your baby as they grow, your baby will be resisting naps, napping for short periods and waking up much more frequently. They might be staying awake for long periods in the middle of the night, which every parent dreads.

Many people fall into the trap of thinking their 12 week old baby can only stay awake for an hour at a time, however their baby’s sleep needs have changed so much. Over the last 3 months their awake times have changed as well and they can stay awake for much longer. These changes can be gently achieved with Sleep Programs, to make it easier for you to know just how and when to extend your baby’s awake time and regulate their nap lengths.

If you are ready to book your newborn baby photoshoot, I would love to hear from you and plan your unique, stress-free experience.

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